Beth out of Hell – the monster is unleashed

Time for a new blog post. Sorry for the absence, I know I haven’t posted since like April and I have no good excuse other than that things have been REALLY hectic. But in a super good kind of way :)!

Since the photo shoot we’ve recorded and released a lyric video, a music video and as grand finale on August 21st we finally released our 71 minutes long epic, dark musical/concept album Beth out of Hell. During this time I’ve also attended school as many of you already know. I love keeping busy!

oscar wilde

In the middle of June I also finally got to the task of refining our website, on my own… haha why not! It actually turned out quite well, despite my limited knowledge in coding, and it’s now possible to interact with us and our social media channels in one place as well as buying or listening to the album. You should go and check it out! We’ve also included a live feed tag board so don’t forget to use #themurderofmysweet on Twitter and Instagram or to tweet us @tmoms_band if you want to be featured.

Over all both me and the guys are super happy about the response from fans and media about Beth. We would also love it if you would write to us on Facebook and tell us which moments of the album and of the story that are your favorites. Let’s get the conversation going!

“This is almost Wagnerian in style.” – Sonic Cathedral 10/10

“The Murder of My Sweet have created their very own Operation Mindcrime” – Powerplay Magazine 9/10


Buy the album here:

Links to some of the the above mentioned reviews:
Sonic Cathedral

Well, that’s all for now folks 🙂 But I’ll try and post something again soon! Don’t forget to check out our videos on Youtube if you haven’t already.

Photo shoot for Beth Out of Hell

A crazy long and fantastic day with my guys and a dozen of other amazing people like photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists and film makers took place last Saturday. We shot new band pics and the album cover and we filmed an EPK (electronic press kit) that you’ll see shortly. I know we haven’t posted a release date yet but we will, soon 😉

Thank you United frog studios, Ragnar Elfhag with crew, Caroline Van Latestein, and the team from Makeupstudion for all your hard work!

Here are some behind the scenes photos for you!

Photoshoot the murder of my sweet 1

The team in action for Christopher’s solo shot @United Frog Studios

Photoshoot the murder of my sweet 2

…and preparations for mine. Everything has to be in place, the lighting the makeup, the hair…


Makeup, makeup, makeup! Kudos to Caroline van Latestein and the team from Makeupstudion.

Photoshoot the murder of my sweet 6

Starving and waiting to get a table at Pizza Hut

Photoshoot the murder of my sweet 4

Movies are a mutual interest within the band and the conversation never runs dry. We can go on all night! (Ragnar Elfhag, Chris and Daniel)

Photoshoot the murder of my sweet 5

With my makeup artist Caroline Van Latestein

Photoshoot the murder of my sweet 7

So exhausted and tired but my brain was working overtime and I couldn’t fall asleep for hours. Being surrounded by creative people does that to a creative brain…

I can’t wait for the album to come out and for you guys to hear it! I hope to bring you more news soon! For now, kisses and have a great day <3


Milano – Frontiers Rock Festival II

Milano last weekend was great. Daniel and I flew in on Friday and checked in at a beautiful hotel where both VIP-ticket holders and the other bands were staying. We arrived quite late but was just in time for the intimate acoustic show that was arranged for the VIP-ticket holders only. Unfortunately I had to pass on performing that night due to a bad cold that had affected my voice and vocal chords. But we received a very warm welcoming by fans and old friends and finally got to meet the people at Frontiers Records in person after having communicating via e-mail and skype for the past 8 years!

Daniel Flores, Serafino Perugino of Frontiers Records and Angelica Rylin

Daniel Flores, Serafino Perugino Head of Frontiers Records and Angelica Rylin

Saturday started with a bright and early morning and my favorite when travelling, the hotel breakfast buffet! A couple of Italian coffees later we’re off the meet the band and rehearse for the one and only time before sound check at lunch. Since I don’t have a band for my solo project some amazing Italian musicians came to my aid. Alessandro Del Vecchio, Francesco Marras and Nic Mazzucconi and of course Daniel backed me up on drums. And as the professionals they are the guys were well rehearsed and also super nice!

The show must go on!

As I mentioned I got a really bad cold about three or four weeks prior to the gig and I just never got better. So finally my doctor prescribed me cortisone to take a few hours before the show and thankfully it worked. I was able to perform and sing without feeling like my throat was going to  be ripped apart and from what I’ve heard and experienced after the show the fans and Frontiers really loved it. So thank you modern medicine!

Angelica Live @ Frontiers Rock Festival II 2015 Copyright © 2015

Angelica Live @ Frontiers Rock Festival II 2015
Copyright © 2015

Angelica live @ Frontiers Rock Festival II Copyright © 2015 Samantha G Jones Photography

Angelica live @ Frontiers Rock Festival II Copyright © 2015 Samantha G Jones Photography


Angelica after the show @ Frontiers Rock Festival II

Angelica after the show @ Frontiers Rock Festival II

Sunday we spent in the sun eating gelato and having lunch with the guys of Eclipse at a small Italian trattoria a few blocks away from the hotel. Great company, good food, espresso cofee and the sun! Oh beautiful sun…how we miss you in the north. It’s time to make your entrance!


This is the number of gelatos I had…. mmm! only in Italy!


I was craving a “caffé latte”. Was expecting a slightly bigger size though…


Lunch in the shade with our friends of Eclipse


All in all it was a great weekend and we had such a good time meeting friends and fans from all over the world, taking pictures and signing CDs. Thank you Serafino Perugino and everyone at Frontiers Records for an amazing weekend! Hope to see you again next year!

For more photos check out my facebook page!

The Murder of My Sweet signs new deal

And so it was finally announced that on March 13 Daniel and I signed a new contract with Frontiers Records for the release of our third album Beth out of Hell. At last it’s time to unleash the monster we’ve been working on for almost three years!

And it’s been some very creative three years I might add. I’ve gone through a lot of changes in my life. For starters, I quit my job as of ten years. I took a year for my self to focus on music, take my drivers licence and release a solo album. I figured out what I want to do besides music and started school again. And of course, we made BOOH come to live. It’s amazing how good it feels and how everything falls into place when you are happy and healthy and doing things for yourself for a change. And that’s my advice to anyone really; Love yourself first!

Angelica confirmed to play Frontiers Rock Festival 2015

It was just announced that I’ll be one of the acts playing at the second edition of the Frontiers Rock Festival on April 11 2015 in Milan, Italy.

I’ve been given the great honor to open the festival and I’m really excited to get out of the studio and up on stage again! Who will I see there and what songs from my solo album would you like to hear? Let me know in the comments below!

Only 100 V.I.P tickets available so make sure you get your’s now!