Milano – Frontiers Rock Festival II

Milano last weekend was great. Daniel and I flew in on Friday and checked in at a beautiful hotel where both VIP-ticket holders and the other bands were staying. We arrived quite late but was just in time for the intimate acoustic show that was arranged for the VIP-ticket holders only. Unfortunately I had to pass on performing that night due to a bad cold that had affected my voice and vocal chords. But we received a very warm welcoming by fans and old friends and finally got to meet the people at Frontiers Records in person after having communicating via e-mail and skype for the past 8 years!

Daniel Flores, Serafino Perugino of Frontiers Records and Angelica Rylin

Daniel Flores, Serafino Perugino Head of Frontiers Records and Angelica Rylin

Saturday started with a bright and early morning and my favorite when travelling, the hotel breakfast buffet! A couple of Italian coffees later we’re off the meet the band and rehearse for the one and only time before sound check at lunch. Since I don’t have a band for my solo project some amazing Italian musicians came to my aid. Alessandro Del Vecchio, Francesco Marras and Nic Mazzucconi and of course Daniel backed me up on drums. And as the professionals they are the guys were well rehearsed and also super nice!

The show must go on!

As I mentioned I got a really bad cold about three or four weeks prior to the gig and I just never got better. So finally my doctor prescribed me cortisone to take a few hours before the show and thankfully it worked. I was able to perform and sing without feeling like my throat was going to  be ripped apart and from what I’ve heard and experienced after the show the fans and Frontiers really loved it. So thank you modern medicine!

Angelica Live @ Frontiers Rock Festival II 2015 Copyright © 2015

Angelica Live @ Frontiers Rock Festival II 2015
Copyright © 2015

Angelica live @ Frontiers Rock Festival II Copyright © 2015 Samantha G Jones Photography

Angelica live @ Frontiers Rock Festival II Copyright © 2015 Samantha G Jones Photography


Angelica after the show @ Frontiers Rock Festival II

Angelica after the show @ Frontiers Rock Festival II

Sunday we spent in the sun eating gelato and having lunch with the guys of Eclipse at a small Italian trattoria a few blocks away from the hotel. Great company, good food, espresso cofee and the sun! Oh beautiful sun…how we miss you in the north. It’s time to make your entrance!


This is the number of gelatos I had…. mmm! only in Italy!


I was craving a “caffé latte”. Was expecting a slightly bigger size though…


Lunch in the shade with our friends of Eclipse


All in all it was a great weekend and we had such a good time meeting friends and fans from all over the world, taking pictures and signing CDs. Thank you Serafino Perugino and everyone at Frontiers Records for an amazing weekend! Hope to see you again next year!

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Angelica confirmed to play Frontiers Rock Festival 2015

It was just announced that I’ll be one of the acts playing at the second edition of the Frontiers Rock Festival on April 11 2015 in Milan, Italy.

I’ve been given the great honor to open the festival and I’m really excited to get out of the studio and up on stage again! Who will I see there and what songs from my solo album would you like to hear? Let me know in the comments below!

Only 100 V.I.P tickets available so make sure you get your’s now!


Music, music, music!

When I was still in pigtails I found the love of my life, MUSIC! Back then MTV actually showed music videos and although I was too young to remember it today I have been told MTV was the perfect babysitter. All you had to do was put me in front of the television and I was hooked. My parents were also very much into music and the walls in our living room were covered with classic vinyl records. Music was everywhere and I was in heaven!

Just recently it occurred to me that I have (professionally) been in the music business for ten years! My first published work was backing vocals on a Christmas album by a group called Play. The album was released by Columbia Records in 2004. Happy ten year celebration to me! Yay!

Since 2007 I have been very active writing both for my band The Murder of My Sweet, for other artists (both in Europe and in Asia) and more recently for my self, or my solo album Thrive to be more precise. And I couldn’t have done it without my partner in crime, and as I like to call him; my musical mentor, Daniel Flores. This past year, and especially this summer, has been amazing. Daniel and I wrote a new album for tmoms that is going to blow your socks off! I will tell you more about it another time so stay tuned 😉

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