Thrive – Full album, Nov 2013

The murder of my sweet:
Echoes of the aftermath – Full album Jan 2017
Personal Hell – Single Jan 2017
Beth out of Hell – Full album Aug 2015
The awakening – Single Aug 2015
Bye bye lullaby- Full album May 2012
Unbreakable- Single May 2012
Tonight- Single, May 2010
Divanity- Full album, Jan 2010
Bleed me dry- Single, Nov 2009

As song writer:
Black clouds- Issa, The storm 2011
Mend my heart- Xorigin, State of the art 2011
Shout in the rain- Anna Tsuchiya 2010
I came here to get- Tackey & Tsubasa 2008?

Guest appearance & backing vocals:
Holding me down- Music from the movie Isdraken 2012
Jan Johansen – En ny bild av mig 2010
Crash the system – The Crowning 2009
Play – Play around the Christmas tree 2003

Angelica – Breaking my heart
The murder of my sweet – Personal Hell
The murder of my sweet – The awakening
The murder of my sweet – Unbreakable
The murder of my sweet – Follow the rain
The murder of my sweet – Bleed me dry

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