Angelica confirmed to play Frontiers Rock Festival 2015

It was just announced that I’ll be one of the acts playing at the second edition of the Frontiers Rock Festival on April 11 2015 in Milan, Italy.

I’ve been given the great honor to open the festival and I’m really excited to get out of the studio and up on stage again! Who will I see there and what songs from my solo album would you like to hear? Let me know in the comments below!

Only 100 V.I.P tickets available so make sure you get your’s now!


Comic Con Gamex 2014

Comic Con Gamex is the largest combined gaming, Tv-series and film exhibition in Sweden. On site between October 30 and Nov 2 were both game developers, comic book creator and parts of Hollywood film and tv-series industry. If I went? Of course I did!

My top 5 of comic con / gamex 
  1. Of course the nerd in me couldn’t resist the urge to “get cast” in a video game. The Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt (CD Project Red, Namco Bandai Games) offered me a photo session in front of a green screen and a pretty photo to take home. And no, I am not cast in the actual game. Sorry anyone on Facebook who might feel trolled… I wish I had been tho. It’s still on my bucket list!
  2. Assassin’s Creed Unity gameplay (Ubisoft). This game looks simply awesome and is scheduled to be released on Nov 11, only a week from now!
  3. The Nordic Legions stand where you could get photographed together with characters from Star Wars and donate to Barncancerfonden (the national children’s cancer foundation). Now who can resist an offer like that? A great initiative!
  4. Found the perfect 8 bit glasses and browsed among amazing game/tv art
  5. Met Batman and was offered a ride in his Batmobile… No further comments 😉
Memories from the floor
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Angelica RylinThe Witcher 3 Wild Hunt green screen at Comic Con Gamex   8 bit glasses at Comic Con Gamex 8 bit glasses Angelica Rylin at Comic Con Gamex   Comic Con Gamex 2014Assassin's Creed Unity at Comic Con Gamex   One of the more handsome men at Comic Con Gamex. Too bad he's not real Alien at Comic Con Gamex   Comic Con Gamex Stockholm 2014Follow the light SONY Playstation 4 design   Follow the light SONY Playstation 4 design   Something to look forward to on SONY Playstation 4 SONY Playstation   This is for the players PS4 Comic Con GamexFar Cry Gameplay at Comic Con Gamex 2014   Nordic Legion BarncancerfondenNordic Legion Barncancerfonden   Batman and the batmobile

David and Goliath or Musicians and the Industry

I finally got around to watch the documentary Artifact by my favorite band Thirty Seconds to Mars. The film was going to be about the process of making their third album but quickly developed into something else when the band had to fight a relentless lawsuit with record label Virgin/EMI.

This film is totally worth seeing even if you’re not a fan of the band. It gives a good insight on how things work in the music industry today, mostly, but not only, as an effect of illegal downloading. Major labels have a hard time getting the money they’ve invested back so they come up with other solutions to do so… suing their bands for instance.

You can buy Artifact on iTunes or Artifact on DVD. It is also available on Netflix at the moment so go and check it out before they take it down!

It tells a very personal story about this band, fighting for our creative lives. It was a battle that saw us risk having everything taken away – our art, our work, and our dreams.

We were sued for 30 million dollars. We fought for our lives. And we filmed it all.

We made this little film ourselves. Just a small group of artists and crafts people. We shot it. We produced. We financed. We edited. We directed.

– Jared Leto